How To Thrive Amidst Chaos…

and embrace abundance

2022-2023 Premium Coaching

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Through Premium Coaching, Danette helps women around the world un-layer themselves to rediscover the deep, profound self-love that they are capable of.

In the program, women like you uncover their natural intuition and unlimited potential so that they can manifest their abilities, properly nurture their most treasured relationships, and achieve the success they deserve.

From discovering what your true purpose is, to actually living it… Danette believes in you, and she will help you achieve your dreams!

What's Being Said…

Heidi Skok
I realized it was time for a change when day after day I could not approach the next step to my business. I was afraid constantly of what people thought of me and was unable to let my true nature and light shine. I had come and gone from Fit Rise a few times but in July of 2019, I knew I needed to fully commit. I released twenty pounds and got back into shape. I found the meditation to be key to my success. It became very natural to follow this new way of life including healing foods, healing movement and healing mindset and then I had a desire for more. I saw Danette's love and joy and freedom with herself and I wanted that. I started with the 6 week coaching program and then when Premium Coaching opened up, I made the decision to try it, to invest in myself. I knew from watching Danette that she really lived what she talked- that was all the proof that I needed to invest in me.

I feel a continuing evolvement going on now in my life. Danette teaches from a standpoint of self-love and acceptance and I am gaining a deeper self awareness and an appreciation for who I am. I am learning how to think each day; how to view things from a higher purpose and presence. Although I am still working, I'm able to make posts now without crippling fear. I'm able to accept and express peacemaking gestures in my life with things that have been troubling. I'm able to begin to pursue my business without the shutdown, crippling fear. I'm able to meet all situations with love regardless of how I am treated. I react to negative situations much less. I'm a work in progress but I have been given steady tools with which to help build my experience by building how I think about things. Danette is helping me to build inside of myself which is directly relating to my outward life experience and she gave me the permission I needed to go forward with my life and purpose. I'm forever grateful.

You are your own best investment. Spend the time to work on yourself and do the work in the program. If you do the work and really ponder all of the good that is offered, you won't remain in the same place from where you started.

I saw myself standing on the edge of a cliff and if I got pushed, I knew I would fly because I wanted to succeed. I knew that if I did the work and thought through the processes, I would grow. You must invest in yourself. You are the product. You will grow with willingness and work and you can only gain from your investment.
Joanna Kleier
I needed a change because I had just lost my Momma tragically after taking her home from the hospital after a three week stay. We were only home for 20 minutes and she past away. I was supposed to stay home with her for six weeks post-op and then she died. I took her home and then she went home. It was so devastating.

Five months later I lost my Bob, who I was a caregiver for and he died from brain cancer and I did hospice with him. I was a walking empty shell and I couldn't take it anymore. I had reached another bottom. After two huge losses I decided it was time for a change.

I found Fit Rise 365 through my friend Angie Knight Sarkisian who "Liked" Danette on Facebook. So I did the 30 Day Challenge, Six Week Coaching and then decided that Danette's Premium Coaching would be a great investment toward my ultimate help. I felt I was worth the investment!

With Danette May's Premium Coaching I learned more about how to embrace Self Love, pushing through fears and learning how to be in a Great place with myself.

There is a saying that time is precious. I am worth the time! There has been so many years where I have spent time caring for others and I put myself on the back burner. My desire to help myself was lost for so many years so Premium Coaching was an awesome way find my way back to me. I think every woman should make time for herself!!

There is no price too big for my personal growth. Investing in me was the best decision I have ever made! Premium Coaching helped me in my progress to becoming my Truest Self. Diving deep into My Why allowed me to become a better person, wife, mother, Life Coach, and Motivational/Transformational Speaker.

Because of Danette, I am Forever Truly Greatful!
Kristine Reynolds
I knew I needed a change when I wasn't wearing jeans anymore. My wardrobe mostly consisted of long skirts and it wasn't until I saw pictures of myself that I realized I was hiding my body. My life has changed so much since I first "met" Danette May during her 30 Day Challenge in January of 2017. The 30 Day Challenge followed by a Fit Rise membership helped me through my divorce by empowering me with the tools I needed to feel better about my body.

One of the most significant things I learned is that I have more control over my body than I thought. I started gaining weight when I was in my late 40's and my limiting belief was that that's what happens to menopausal women. I didn't know that the lessons I learned in Danette's 30 Day Challenge about jumpstarting my metabolism, eating healing foods, moving my body daily, and incorporating meditations into my routine was just the beginning of the shift that was about to take place in my life.

By the end of the 30 day challenge, I lost 12 pounds and 2 1/2 inches off of each my thighs. I didn't think that was possible! The following month I lost another 12 pounds and it stayed off despite not always sticking to plan nor taking the time to exercise. Through these programs and through all of the support I was getting from Danette and her team, it didn't take long to realize that Danette May is so much more than a fitness leader and dietician. Danette is a true heroine of the divine woman and carries an arsenal of life lessons in her pocket that she's been called to share with the world.

I signed up for Premium Coaching at the Rise Event. By that time, I was already telling all my friends about Danette and introducing her into the conversation as my "new best friend." Taking the leap into the Premium Coaching program was the first best thing I have ever done for myself. By then, I trusted Danette and her programs so much that taking that next step was something I knew I had to do—mostly because I wanted to be an insider into Danette's world of knowledge and wisdom. Danette not only walks her talk but she consistently overdelivers and never stops short of bringing her best self and all she has to offer to the table. Every. Single. Time.

The thing that has changed the most since I started Premium Coaching is learning to love myself, and even more than that, learning to show up for myself! Premium Coaching was the first thing I remember doing just for me and I couldn't have made a better investment. Through all of the stories and lessons that Danette shares, the thing I needed the most was to learn that I am enough. I am worthy. I am amazing. I am love.

In Premium Coaching, Danette doesn't leave a stone unturned. She helps all of us to be better, stronger and happier in every aspect of our lives: mentally, physically, financially and emotionally. She gets real and raw and vulnerable and leads the way for us to see ourselves in all of our potential.

Anyone who says they don't have enough time for Premium Coaching needs Premium Coaching for that reason alone. Premium Coaching has helped me with time management, daily planning, and offered life hacks that have led to more efficient use of my time.

Anyone who feels they shouldn't invest financially in their growth doesn't recognize the abundance of this world and that God/Spirit/Universe gives energy to where we put our energy. Danette taught me that and I never once regretted my investment. Danette's program was the single most expensive thing I had ever purchased for myself and the return on my investment will be forever manifesting. I don't go a day without digging into my Danette May toolkit. I don't go a day without showing up for myself. Danette has truly changed my life.
Shelly Oberg
I lost my way after my stepson was killed in an accident and the grief was relentless. Then in 2017 my strong, vibrant, healthy daddy was diagnosed with cancer and I sat slowly by losing the keeper of my heart. Still I was trying to keep everything together when I had to face the truth. What I was doing was not working. I was brought to my knees in humility and total vulnerability. I needed help and I couldn't do this alone any longer.

What I thought was a program to at the very least help me regain my healthy weight was not even close to the description. As I began to focus on my own mind, body and spirit my broken heart began to mend. Old wounds have been healed, forgiveness has been given and received. Miracles, gratitude, joy and abundance are my birthright and those became embedded in my very being.

I honestly didn't think there was any wiggle room in my finances for something so self-indulgent as having a coach. Never ever would I have considered coaching was something I was worthy of accepting as a gift to myself. I redid the math and bargained with myself that I would give it a test run and if or when I could no longer afford to be in the program, I would accept it with grace and give it up. Two years later Danette continues to outperform her every promise. You can't out give or put a price tag on personal growth. The more you are open to spiritual, self and financial growth the more abundance shows up in all those areas of your life. As you become grateful and joyful, you either have more, or maybe you feel more content in what you have as you are on your journey…I invested in my personal growth and have changed for myself and as an influence on those around me. My income has increased so that I can now do whatever I choose and still afford to pay for coaching annually in one week's earnings. If I sound passionate it is because two years ago, I was living in scarcity. Scarcity in my feelings, health, relationships, finances and finding Danette has literally given me my life back.